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Socostrip A0109N in stock – Socostrip A0103N available on back order

  • Removes all paints.
  • This product is particularly adapted for epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane paints.
  • It is not corrosive and does not embrittle any aeronatuical metal except magnesium alloy.
  • The product is free of phenols, chlorine and hexavalent chrome.
  • Limits the risks for health, safety and environment usually linked to paint strippers containing dichloromethane, phenols, chromates or acids.

Socostrip A0103N is approved and used by a number of aviation agencies.  Airbus, Airbus France, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, Cessna, ATR, Eurocopter, DGA (French Army), CAAC, Hawker Beechcraft, Embraer.

Socostrip A0109N is approved and used by the following:

AIRBUS Conform to SAE MA 4872
AIRBUS OPERATIONS LTD Process Deviation ABP 4-4140
BOEING Conform to Boeing BSS 7432 (has superseded D6 17487)
BOEING Conform to BAC 5725