Rust Solutions

Rust Solutions – user friendly and environmentally sound

Cirrus Systems Limited are proud to be working with a UK manufacturer of rust removal solutions and prevention products.

The produce user and environmentally sound solutions for a diverse range of industries to safe guard the future for everyone by means of moving away from toxic chemicals.

This is achieved by combining the mechanics of their purpose built cleaning systems with their comprehensive range of new generation aqueous solutions.  These achieve the same or better results than conventional toxic solvent type chemicals.

All their products are manufactured to the highest standard and at the same time remain cost effective and efficient.

If you have any specific rust related issues we can contact our manufacturer for suggested rust solutions on your behalf.

Black Diamond pH7 Concentrate Neutral Ph De-Rust Solution

Black Diamond Ph7  rust remover the latest technology in rust removal.  No longer are strong acids or alkaline chemicals required to remove rust.

Black Diamond Ph7 rust remover is organic based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and will remove deep rust from mild steel and iron.

Black Diamond Ph7 rust remover is safe for use on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminium and most other types of metal allowing multi-metal components to be processed such as steel/aluminium without risk of attack.


  • Water based product

  • Neutral pH

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Non corrosive

  • Low hazard product

  • Contains no TAP’s or HAP’s (Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)

  • Easy clean up with water

  • Low make-up concentrations typically 5-25% w/w

  • Virtually odourless product

  • Removes rust from mixed metal assemblies

  • Rapidly removes rust

  • Leaves very little residue in single stage cleaning operations

  • Latest technology in rust removal

  • Inhibits against flash rusting

  • Operates from 20-70C saving energy

  • Costs less for waste disposal compared to corrosive acids.

  • Lower insurance premiums for operative safety and storage hazards.

Typical Uses

Black Diamond pH7 will remove a deep rust from various automotive components.

Typical applications include:

  • Excellent for removal of rust from a wide range engine components including cylinder heads, turbo housings etc.
  • Black Diamond pH7 is formulated for use in immersion, immersion agitation or ultrasonic systems.

Neo-DW21 De-Watering Oil (Rust Preventative)

Neo-DW21 De-Watering Oil is a solvent based rust preventative with excellent de-watering properties. It is formulated using modern synthetic materials which provide superior rust preventative properties and produces a very thin oily film. Treated components are protected against corrosion for up to 9 month internal storage and up to 3 months out door storage.

DW21 is suitable for use on all metals including brass, copper and aluminium and is ideal for porous conversion coatings such as chemical blacking on steels. It is resistant to contamination and emulsification. DW21 is particularly suitable for final stage rust prevention, either after machining or after alkali, solvent or acid cleaning processes.  This is a special order item only, via telephone or email.

  • Superior rust prevention

    Protection for up to 9 months

  • Excellent de-watering properties

    Easily removed by wiping or cleaning, resistant to contamination

  • Cleans, de-waters, protects

    Ideal maintenance product

Directions for use:

For optimum results components should be cleaned and rust free, although machining coolants and lubricating residues should not impair the product performance, immersion or spray applications are suitable.

By dipping:

DW21 should be used cold, ideally in a purpose built tank. The tank should maintain components above the displaced water layer which should be regularly drained off, leave components to drain which will take 45 to 60 minutes for initial drying.

By brush spray:

Apply by low pressure non misting spray or brush, work from top to bottom.

Black Diamond S8000 – Cleaner/ Degreaser

Black Diamond S8000 is a cleaner, degreaser can be used at room temperature  but can also be used heated up to 70c capable of removing machining and pressing oils from ferrous and non-ferrous components. This makes the product ideal for use in conjunction with room temperature blacking process.

Directions for use

This cleaner, degreaser is used as supplied or diluted up to 50% with water for use at room temperature or at 10-20% with water when used heated. It is important to maintain the strength of the Black Diamond s8000 by removing 10% of the working solution every 1 to 2 weeks and replenishing with fresh material. Components being removed from the cleaner should be totally water wetted with no signs of water breaks, if this occurs the surface is not clean and requires further degreasing with a fresh make-up of Black Diamond S8000.


Appearance: Red liquid

Odour: Mild detergent

Specific Gravity:  1.05

Solubility: Complete with water

Flammability: Non flammable

pH of Concentrate: Above 12

Use Concentration: Neat or 50/50 with water

Corrosive Action: Care should be taken with aluminium and its alloys

Recommended Storage of Handling Materials: Mild steel or suitable grade polypropylene

Packaging: 25, 205 or 1000 litre IBC’s (polyethylene)

Recommended Shelf Life: 18 months


This product has a UN1760 number and must be transported using specialist carriers.

Safety Advice

Irritant – contains surfuctants and 10 – 20% di propylene glycol monomethyl ether, irritating to eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children, wear suitable gloves, do not mix with other chemicals unless specifically directed.

First Aid

Simply wash splashes from skin with water. For splashes to eyes flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give water to drink. Medical attention is recommended following contact with eyes or if swallowed.


Small spillages may be flushed to foul sewer with plenty of water, larger spillages should be absorbed with mineral absorbent and collected up for disposal.


No condition or warranty is to be implied from the foregoing information.

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