Socostrip A0109N

SOCOSTRIP A0109N is a new generation paint stripper activated by hydrogen peroxide, with a
very long shelf life.

  • Specifically developed to ensure a minimum 18 month shelf life.
  • High efficiciency to remove epoxy, polyurethane, alkydurethane and others paint systems.
  • The viscosity has been adjusted to ease manual or airless spray application and to cover all surfaces perfectly, even vertical or overhanging.
  • Free of phenols, chlorine, hexavalent chrome.
  • Limits the risks for health, safety and environment usually linked to paint strippers containing dichloromethane, phenols, chromates or acids.
  • Controlled evaporation to maintain a wet surface: enhance efficiency, ease the rinsing process.
  • Compatible with aluminium, titanium and steel alloys.