Marine paint remover for wood and metal substrates

We are please to supply Ecostrip 600 which is a UK manufactured, marine paint remover for wood and metal substrates.  This product has proven to be more efficent than the previous RemovAll range.  For both steel and wood hulls this product would be an ideal solution.  If you wish to purchase this product please head to the link below.

Ecostrip 600

Sadly we have been unable at this time to find a suitable product for removing anti-fouling.  We will continue to search for this elusive product.  Neo-Ecostrip 600 will soften GRP/Fibreglass and we do not recommend it for use for this type of substrate.  It is NOT a replacement for RemovAll 600!

Dip Tank Paint Remover

Ecostrip 500 dip tank paint remover that we supply is waterbased therefore it is safe for use on many metals including, steel and aluminium, as well as some plastics.  It is NOT recommended for use on some metal alloys as it may cause pitting or discoloration if there are any impurities in the metal alloy.  This product can only be delivered by HAZMAT carriers and will not be a next day delivery.  This product can be found via the link shown below.

Ecostrip 500