Wood and Metal substrate paint remover

Ecostrip 600 is a UK manufactured, paint remover for wood and metal substrates.  This product has proven to be more efficent than the previous RemovAll range.  For both steel and wood hulls this product would be an ideal solution.

Our UK manufacturer is working on an antifoul remover for GRP and Fibre Glass – trials still ongoing, watch this space!

Dip Tank Paint Remover

Ecostrip 500 for metallic substrates – Customer must provide Dangerous Goods Safety Certificate for “corrosive” goods transport.


Boats, Yachts and Ships

For repairing plastic hulls, the Perago is indispensable, as it removes damaged gel coating so effectively that the glass-fibres are exposed, which provides an excellent ground for the mending material. The Perago produces no heat and minimum sparks, which is why it is suitable for use in confined spaces for removing old pan and rust on hulls, and for preventative maintenance.