Product Description

Neo-DW21 De-Watering Oil is a solvent based rust preventative with excellent de-watering properties. It is formulated using modern synthetic materials which provide superior rust preventative properties and produces a very thin oily film. Treated components are protected against corrosion for up to 9 month internal storage and up to 3 months out door storage.

DW21 is suitable for use on all metals including brass, copper and aluminium and is ideal for porous conversion coatings such as chemical blacking on steels. It is resistant to contamination and emulsification. DW21 is particularly suitable for final stage rust prevention, either after machining or after alkali, solvent or acid cleaning processes.  This is a special order item only, via Telephone or Email.

Features Benefits
Superior rust prevention Protection for up to 9 months
Excellent de-watering properties Easily removed by wiping or cleaning, resistant to contamination
Cleans, de-waters, protects Ideal maintenance product

Directions for use

For optimum results components should be cleaned and rust free, although machining coolants and lubricating residues should not impair the product performance, immersion or spray applications are suitable.

By Dipping:

DW21 should be used cold, ideally in a purpose built tank. The tank should maintain components above the displaced water layer which should be regularly drained off, leave components to drain which will take 45 to 60 minutes for initial drying.

By Brush Spray:

Apply by low pressure non misting spray or brush, work from top to bottom.