Dip Tank Paint Remover Product – Ecostrip500

The Ecostrip 500

The Ecostrip 500 (dip tank product) is a clear, eco-friendly liquid paint remover designed for dip tank use. Virtually odour-free, it does not give off any toxic or unpleasant fumes. A water jacket is therefore not required on the dip tank, making life much simpler.  Ecostrip 500 represents a significant advance in health & safety with chemical strippers.

Use at room temperature. For accelerated results, the Ecostrip 500 can be heated to 35 deg C or used in ultrasonic baths. Ideal for removing multiple layers of paint or powder coating from hooks, panels, components etc.


The Ecostrip 600 Architectural paint remover.  The Ecostrip 600 Architechtural paint remover has proven to be more effective and efficient than the previous RemovAll range on wood, masonry and metals.  The product has also been incredibly successful in removing powder coating from steel within 3 hours.  Latest tests have proven incredibly successful in removing M.O.D. paint from a tank within 45 minutes.

The most recent tests of the product on aluminum substrates have been very successful.  No detrimental effects were shown on the underlying aluminium substrate.  The product will take varying times to remove coatings depending on what they are.

This product has no UN number for transport.

The Ecostrip 600 product is suitable for both industrial and DIY building purposes.  Industrial products


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Ecostrip 500 dip tank paint remover.  We recommend a stainless steel dip tank with lid. Alternatively a high density polyethylene (HDPE) or high density polypropylene (HDPP) dip tank can be used. Mild steel dip tanks should not be used with Ecostrip 500.
Originally formulated for powder coating removal.

Available in 25 litre drums as a stock item (single drum is 22.5 litres for carriage as a parcel).  This product is also available in IBC’s by special order.