Dare to Wear it Out

You have too much to do to settle for a disc that can’t keep up.

With the Cubitron™ II Fibre Disc 982C, you get a disc that cuts faster, lasts longer and requires less grinding pressure than conventional abrasives.

In fact, 982C works harder so you don’t have to. Without increasing the grinding force you currently use, 3M guarantees you’ll get longer life and more parts with a Cubitron™ II fibre disc.

3M Cubitron II 982c Discs

982c Customer Test Results

Application Material Previous Disc Type 982c Results Operator Comments
Weld (edge and flat) Carbon steel Ceramic grade 36 2-3 times more life experienced by ALL operators "Much better cut"
Flame cut Carbon steel Ceramic grade 24 2 times life "A lot better; cuts better longer"
Weld prep (flat) Carbon steel Ceramic grade 36 2 times life "Don't have to push as hard; tougher material"
Weld removal Carbon steel Ceramic grade 36 4 hot welds/disc "Cuts into a hot weld where other discs won't"
Edge work Carbon steel Ceramic grade 36 2-3 times life "Got life from disc without having to push hard at the end"
Cubitron II 982c Cut Rate Data

982c Cut Rate Data

982c Total Cut Data

Everything you need for your toughest grinding applications on carbon or stainless steel in grades 36+, 60+
and 80+. Join the Cubitron™ II abrasive revolution and take your productivity to the next level.

Diameter Grade Part Number Max RPM MOQ
100mm 36+ 27769 15,200 100
100mm 60+ 27779 15,200 100
100mm 80+ 27771 15,200 100
115mm 36+ 55075 13,500 100
115mm 60+ 27623 13,500 100
115mm 80+ 27627 13,500 100
125mm 36+ 55073 12,000 100
125mm 60+ 27624 12,000 100
125mm 80+ 27628 12,000 100
180mm 36+ 27698 8,400 100
180mm 60+ 27624 8,400 100
180mm 80+ 27741 8,400 100