These items are only available by telephone order. 

If you require larger volumes we would be very happy to hold stock for you. 

Please do let us know if there are any other products from this manufacturer that you are interested in purchasing.  We are always keen to look at prices and potentially stocking new items for our customers.

Soluwax is an alkaline degreaser for us on all metals in the aviaiton and rail industries.  The product is applied by immersion.  We are please that this product has approvals and specifications from the following companies: Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, G.E., Air Canada, SNECMA, Turbomeca, Nato (OTAN).

Synclair A/C is an alkaline degreaser for the exterior cleaning of aircraft, the degreasing of parts before surface treatment, and the degreasing of parts during inter-operations.  This product can be used on all metals, all materials, and all painted surfaces.  It is applied by spraying, immersion, brushing or wiping.  We are pleased that this product has approvals/specifications from the following companies:  Air France, Airbus, Sabena, Turbomeca, Air Canada, Boeing, Eurocopter).

There are a number of alternative degreasers and cleaners available depending on specific requirements.