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The Unique P*erago Rotating Blaster Discs


We are experiencing supply issues with the Perago discs at this time.  We will let you know as soon as stocks arrive.

This is the original, cheapest and the best.  There are imitations on the market but these are the original!

The PERAGO Rotating Blaster Disc uses hard metal studs to hit the surface very much like the grains of a sandblaster, and produces much the same result.

For professional and DIY use.


We can also supply the Fein Power Tools for use with the Perago Rotating Blaster Discs.

Also suitable for use with any M14 Polishing Tool e.g. Bosch GPO 14 or Hitachi SAT180.

Construction/Building Industry

The Perago rotating blaster disc has been used for many years in ship building, ship renovation and in the oil and gas industries.

Highly convenient tool for repairing cracked foundations, riveted or plaster covered facades and for hoeing after founding.

Boats, Yachts and Ships


For repairing plastic hulls, the Perago rotating blaster disc is indispensable, as it removes damaged gel coating so effectively that the glass-fibres are exposed, which provides an excellent ground for the mending material. The Perago rotating blaster disc produces no heat and minimum sparks, which is why it is suitable for use in confined spaces for removing old pan and rust on hulls, and for preventative maintenance.


Fantastic tool for maintenance and repair on vehicles. The first evidence of rust is a blister in the paint. You will halt further deterioration with a Perago rotating blaster disc. Just open the blister, use the Perago rotating blaster disc on the rusty spot until it shows no remaining presence of rust. Immediately seal the metal clean surface with a good anti-rust primer, plaster and paint.

Repair Shops

As the Perago rotating blaster disc works as a blast, a result which is fully comparable to a sand-blasted surface will be obtained. It comes in very handy when doing welding jobs, where it can be used to clean joints confining slag, to remove scoria from hot-rolled material and for all repairs where a clean surface is necessary. Even removes asphalt.

Oil Industry

Widely used by a oil pipeline maintenance companies.

The Perago rotating blaster disc does not use tons of sandblasting material, with all its attendant purchase and clean-up costs, dust, HSE risks and environmental damage. A Perago rotating blaster single disc costs less than one bag of grit.

The Perago rotating blaster disc works by the interaction between the centrifugal force on the studs and the resilience of the rubber, which produces oscillations as well as a radial back-and-forth motion in the hard metal studs.  The Perago rotatng blaster is not a grinder or a brush. The Perago rotating blaster disc cannot clog even when removing sticky materials like glue, bitumen tar and car underbody coating.

It excels at rust removal because a blasting method like Perago opens the rust-pores. Grinding and brushing do not, merely covering them by fresh metal and dust. Grinding or brushing will heat up the surface, resulting in quick oxidization. By contrast the PERAGO rotating blaster disc induces little heat at the surface, and will not accelerate the oxidization process.

Perago quickly removes gel-coat from glass-fibre surfaces. (Another version removes paint from wood and GRP, and smoothes plastered surfaces.

The PERAGO system is also available in a special version engineered for concrete surfaces. PERAGO Concrete can be used to remove old paint from floors, topcoat from stone, and tar from house foundations etc. This has a more limited life span of 38-40 m2 is still an unbeatably cost-efficient method of cleaning concrete surfaces.

The PERAGO metal and concrete blasters come in three different sizes for hand held power drills, Single, Double and Triple. Spindle diameter is 8mm.

Perago Multi – in stock now

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For industrial use, the Perago Multi combines 7 Blaster discs on a hexagonal shaft with M14 thread. The Multi is intended for use in angle polishing machines up to a maximum of 4000 rpm.

NB: Perago discs should NEVER be used in angle grinders as the very high rotational speeds of this type of machine will cause severe vibration problems and the premature break up of the disc.