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Buy Valium Visa2019-08-07T14:06:27+00:00

Brexit Situation

We are constantly monitoring the situation in regard to a possible no deal Brexit.

The situation is potentially very difficult for  the chemical industry due to the complex structures that have built up globally over 40 years.

It is possible that some products may be become unavailable if a  no deal Brexit scenario is the result of the governments brexit negotiations.

We will advise our customers know if products are affected once the negotiations are complete.

With the no-deal scenario becoming more likely – please let us know if you are likely to need stocks in the run-up to 31st October 2019 in order that we can ensure sufficient stocks of products relevant to you.

We are working with our UK manufacturers to find UK manufactured products – sadly many component chemicals come through Europe and this will potentially, therefore, still affect products going forwards.

BREXITBuy Valium Visa2019-08-07T14:06:27+00:00

Valium Online Spain

Buy Valium Visa2019-06-27T08:51:37+00:00

DIY and Professional Paint and Resin

Ecostrip 600 is a highly effective, water-based, thickened emulsion paint remover.   It is user friendly and environmentally friendly.   This paint remover is non-toxic and biodegradable.

* One regular customer purchased this product and was amazed to find it removed resin from a driveway in less than 15 minutes!

This product can also be used for removal of coatings from plastics, however, it is recommended that you test a small area for compatibility.

This paint stripper is a direct replacement for the RemovAll range previously supplied by Cirrus Systems Ltd.


ECOSTRIP 600 paint remover is formulated for brush, roll, or spray applications.

The sun is struggling to come out this year but there is no excuse to ignore the indoor paintwork that is starting to look tired and neglected.

If you require larger quantities please telephone our office to discuss.

Here’s what it looks like on wood substrate.


Ecostrip 600 Paint and Resin Remover – For DIY and Professional needsBuy Valium Visa2019-06-27T08:51:37+00:00
Buying Valium In India