Exciting new products for 2020


Cirrus Systems Ltd is excited to introduce both well-known products and new products for 2020. The Socostrip A0103N is in stock and in addition, we are very pleased to announce the following new additions to our range.

  • Gel-type remover for graffiti and thin coatings on wood, concrete and metallic structures – SPC 201
  • Gel-type remover especially suited to the refurbishment of metallic structures.  Efficient even at low temperatures – SPC 202N
  • High performance gel-type remover that works on most coating formulations – SPC 203N
  • New aviation paint remover with a longer shelf (14 months from date of manufacture).  Gel-type paint stripper that removes multiple layers and difficult primer.  Product approvals from Cessna, Dassault Aviation, Hawker Beechcraft, SAAB, Sikorsky.  SPC 909N


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New Aviation Paint Remover


The Socostrip A0105N product has been replaced with a new aviation paint remover called SPC-909N .

The shelf-life of the SPC-909N is longer than that of the Socostrip A0105N.  The shelf-life is 14 months from date of manufacture.  It is available in 20 litre drums from our website, larger quantities would be a special order item.

The SPC-909N coating remover is cost effective and environmentally friendly, therefore it is effective in the removal
of paints, coatings and residues. It can be used at room temperature or at hot temperatures (e.g. hot
immersion dip tank applications).   It is not recommended for use on magnesium surfaces.

The product is water-based, has a low odor, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  It is non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable. 

The  SPC-909N coating remover has less overall product consumption compared to methylene chloride based removers.  It has a low evaporation rate.

It is extremely effective in the removal of multiple paint layers (e.g. lacquers, acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane, epoxy) and difficult primers

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Ecostrip 500 dip tank product in stock


Our Ecostrip 500 dip tank product is in stock and ready for dispatch.

The product Ecostrip 500 is an highly effective water-based paint stripper (paint remover) which is user friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is safe for use on many metals including, steel and aluminium, as well as some plastics. NOT recommended for use on some metal alloys – may cause “pitting” or discoloration if there are impurities in the metal alloy.

The product has a UN1760 number and can only be transported by HAZMAT carrier – not next day delivery.  Orders by telephone only for this product.

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Ecostrip 600 Paint and Resin Remover – For DIY and Professional needs


DIY and Professional Paint and Resin

Ecostrip 600 is a highly effective, water-based, thickened emulsion paint remover.   It is user friendly and environmentally friendly.   This paint remover is non-toxic and biodegradable.

* One regular customer purchased this product and was amazed to find it removed resin from a driveway in less than 15 minutes!

This product can also be used for removal of coatings from plastics, however, it is recommended that you test a small area for compatibility.

This paint stripper is a direct replacement for the RemovAll range previously supplied by Cirrus Systems Ltd.


ECOSTRIP 600 paint remover is formulated for brush, roll, or spray applications.

The sun is struggling to come out this year but there is no excuse to ignore the indoor paintwork that is starting to look tired and neglected.

If you require larger quantities please telephone our office to discuss.

Here’s what it looks like on wood substrate.


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