Cirrus Systems Ltd is excited to introduce both well-known products and new products for 2020. The Socostrip A0103N is in stock and in addition, we are very pleased to announce the following new additions to our range.

  • Gel-type remover for graffiti and thin coatings on wood, concrete and metallic structures – SPC 201
  • Gel-type remover especially suited to the refurbishment of metallic structures.  Efficient even at low temperatures – SPC 202N
  • High performance gel-type remover that works on most coating formulations – SPC 203N
  • New aviation paint remover with a longer shelf (14 months from date of manufacture).  Gel-type paint stripper that removes multiple layers and difficult primer.  Product approvals from Cessna, Dassault Aviation, Hawker Beechcraft, SAAB, Sikorsky.  SPC 909N