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We are extremely pleased to announce our new product Neo-Ecostrip 600 Architectural has been very successful in trials on Wood and Masonry and will become a direct replacement for the RemovALL range.  The product has also been incredibly successful in removing powder coating from steel within 3 hours.

Currently we have Ecostrip 500 for metallic substrates. Customer must provide Dangerous Goods Safety Certificate for “corrosive” goods transport.

Please call 01202 892111 with enquiries including volume discounts.


Disposal operations: Transfer to a suitable container and arrange for collection by specialised disposal company.
Disposal of packaging: Clean with water. Treat the cleaning water following the above method for waste product.

NB: The user’s attention is drawn to the possible existence of regional or national regulations regarding disposal.

DO NOT allow the product or resultant waste to enter the water-course (aquatic environment).