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This aviation paint remover is a new generation paint remover activated by hydrogen peroxide.

  • Socostrip A0105N is free of phenols, chlorine, hexavalent chrome.
  • Limits the risks for health, safety and environment usually linked to paint strippers containing dichloromethane, phenols, chromates or acids. The viscosity has been adjusted to ease manual application or “airless” spraying and to cover all surfaces perfectly, even vertical or overhanging.
  • Controlled evaporation.
  • Compatible with aluminium, titanium and steel alloys.
  • Shelf-life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Buy Valium In Australia, Valium Online Norge

SOCOSTRIP A0105N removes all paints. It is particularly adapted for epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane paints. It is not corrosive and does not embrittle any aeronautical metal, except magnesium alloy.

Approvals: Boeing (conforms to Boeing D6-17487 (excluding immersion corrosion test on magnesium)

SV-35 PMA is no longer being manufactured.  The Socostrip A0103N from Socomore works in the same manner but has a shorter shelf-life.  (please call for MSDS and TDS).

Buy Valium Visa

User Benefits

Non-corrosive Aviation Paint Removal - doesn’t burn skin or destroy personal protective or other equipment Very low VOC content Near-zero evaporation means constant supervision and re-application are not necessary 100% biodegradable Lower costs through reduced man-hours and waste disposal charges.
Buy Valium In Australia
Buy Diazepam Online Usa