Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Remover

Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Remover2017-11-10T13:57:54+00:00

3539 (eOx International b.v.) Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Remover

AHFR is a mix-blend cleaner based on fatty ester and designed to easily remove hydraulic fluid.  AHFR has been tested by SMI Inc. and conforms to AMS -1526B specifications.

It is specially formulated to remove sticky hydraulic oil deposits from aircraft fuselages, wheel and landing gear areas.  AHFR also removes various types of oils and greases and hydrocarbon deposits.  It is environmentally benign and replaces chlorinated products and solvent based cleaners.  It is a ready for use product and may also be used as a spot cleaner on aircraft.

It is non-toxic, non-flammable, contains no phosphates, high biodegradability, classified as a non-dangerous preparation and is not subject to dangerous goods regulations.  It quickly de-emulsifies, resulting in an excellent separation of oil and water.