Aircraft Degreasers and Cleaners

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Aircraft Degreasers and Cleaners for Aviation and Rail Use

These items are presently special orders, but if you require larger volumes we will hold stock for you.

Soluwax Magchem alkaline degreaser usable on all metals.  For immersion. (approvals/specifications: Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, G.E., Air Canada, SNECMA, Turbomeca, Nato (OTAN).

Synclair A/C alkaline degreaser for the exterior cleaning of aircraft, the degreasing of parts before surface treatment, and the degreasing of parts during inter-operations.  Can be used on all metals, all materials, and all painted surfaces.  For spraying, immersion, brushing or wiping.  (approvals/specifications: Air France, Airbus, Sabena, Turbomeca, Air Canada, Boeing, Eurocopter).

There are also a number of other degreasers and cleaners available depending on specific requirements.

Fluid Aircraft Cleaner – 3258

The product is solvent free and waste water friendly.  It was developed at the request of experts engaged in the business of commercial and military aircraft maintenance.  The high pH value of the product produces a vigorous and efficient cleaning effect.  The product will not affect aluminium as it contains special inhibitors to enable safe application.  In addition to its non-corrosive qualities, the product is highly appreciated by users in the aviation industry for its optimal performance.

The product has been tested and certified in the USA by SMI Inc. conform to Boeing and Douglas specifications.

Certificates and Approvals:

Boeing Spec. D6-17487 rev. P

AMS 1526 B

Airbus Spec. (AMS 1526B)